Our Gourmet Restaurant was opened by Tatiana Zaslavskaya in 2013 at the intersection of Kommuny and Sovestkaya str. Is included into the list of top city’s  restaurants made by well-regarded medias.

Restaurant concept – an editional reading of national and europenian dishes with the author performance of our chef.  

The generally peaceful and uninhibited bourgeois environment gives a bit of calmness in this maelstrom of events. And at the same time this is a democratic place where innovation and tradition are getting along. Restaurant offers you a unique, creative edited menu from which you may choose excellent dishes of the European and Russian cuisine.Whatever event you are arranging, from a breakfast with a fresh cup of coffee and crusty pastries, business lunchaccompanied by traditional Russian borscht, to relaxing dinner when you can enjoy our autor’s dishes in combination with wonderfull examples of wine we’ve got,  to make your visit spectacular and unbelievable, we are passionate about to help create a first class experience for every taste and pocket - WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU!

Opening hours of the restaurant: 9.00 - 23.00.

Free Wi-Fi
Parking for cars

We accept reserves at any time!

Reserves from 10 people or more include pre-order for snacks and main dishes.

Reserves of 40 people provide for the closure of the restaurant. Our chef will gladly develop a banquet menu for you. For more detailed information, please contact restredactor@mail.ru